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Hello and welcome to the quarantine challenge for creative individuals that have watched every episode of Love Island, every beauty YouTuber’s apology video, and have cut their bangs to feel some kind of rush again. Get ready to rev those brain engines up again! It’s the Short Play A Day challenge! What the hell does that mean? Well, it’s self-explanatory. One short play a day for a month… or a year… or a lifetime… really depends on if you have commitment issues or not.

They can be poetic, one word, a page, or a couple of pages. They can revolve around magic owls or our justice system or whatever nonsense is boiling in your head. And what do we do when we’re done with it all? You put it up!

Anyway, this challenge is to keep me from having my IQ lowered any further than it already is.

Please join me! I’ll be posting a one-word prompt that you can follow for inspiration or come up with on your own!

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