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Written By Jafei Pollitt





ASTRID sits on the moon with only a light t-shirt on and some roughed up jeans. She holds a notebook with One Direction on the cover and a pencil with a fluffy top.

She taps the pencil against her chin.


Cold as ice.

Astrid writes “cold as ice” down. She pauses. She erases it.


Don’t pretend like you’ve seen ice.

She ponders.


Cold as moon.

She writes “cold as moon.”



She ponders.


Grey like dust.

She writes. She erases a little.


Grey like moon dust.

She writes.


Mmmmm. Moon.

Astrid writes moon down.


Killing it.

Astrid writes “killing it” down. She puts her pencil down. It bounces on the ground before settling forever on the moon. She stands with her notebook.


Cold as moon. Grey like moon dust. Moon. Killing it.

Astrid looks around. She bows. The moon replies in silence. She smiles enormously.

The notebook falls from her hands and lands in the sand. Astrid is overtaken by the “crowd” singing her praise.

The notebook flips around. The pages lifting it ever so slightly away from Astrid who is consumed by her fame.


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