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Written by Jafei Pollitt


YELLOW - a small woman



A bare stage holds a warm light slowly pulsing around YELLOW and growing across the floor. YELLOW is curled into child's pose wearing a long, offwhite dress with sleeves that drape down to the floor and dirt rubbed into the elbows. She stretches and then rolls over onto her back and looks at the sky.


This is my room. It looks a bit like a coffin when you lay on the bed and look at the ceiling.

YELLOW reaches her arms up and lets them fall to her side.


You can look at the sky like it’s right in front of you, like you can push on it and the top will fall away.

YELLOW sits up.


I’ve been really trying to make the room bigger, the sky bigger. Pushing on the walls. Praying to God to give me another few feet of space.

YELLOW stands up and pushes at the edge of the stage


I can’t imagine what it will be like once I’m in my actual coffin. I’ll suffocate from the small corners.

YELLOW sits back down.


I’ll have to get a really big coffin. One to cover a whole graveyard.

YELLOW stretches.


I just need room to breathe. I never have any room to breathe.

YELLOW crouches back into a child's pose taking up as little space as possible. The warm light pulses back down to a single circle around YELLOW.


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