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Written By Jafei Pollitt


A LITTLE MOUSE- maybe three inches tall

TIMMY - a giant in the sky.



LITTLE MOUSE sleeps on a small pillow with a little tail whisking back and forth in its sleep. Soothing morning music plays as the sun begins to shine in through the cage.

LITTLE MOUSE takes a squeaky yawn and stretches it’s little paws out and -


(In a deep, threatening voice)

Good Morning little mousy!

LITTLE MOUSE’s eyes widen and they stand up in complete fright.

A giant hand emerges from the sky.

LITTLE MOUSE stands in complete unmoving timidness as the hand cascades down and pats LITTLE MOUSE’s head.


It’s your birthday, today, Little Mouse. Did you know that?

LITTLE MOUSE looks up carefully and then back to staring forward.


I got you a present!

A giant sombrero hat falls from the sky and lands with a thud on the ground.


Now you’re a senior mouse!

TIMMY’s hand pats the mouse’s head again and we hear a thud of the cage top.

LITTLE MOUSE stands for a long moment, looks around, and then slowly starts pulling on its ears to groom.


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