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Kiely Sugayan
Sep 26, 2020
In Your Short Plays
MARIA and RAY are sitting on a back porch having a drink and chatting as the sun goes down. MARIA drinks some lemonade and RAY sips from a beer that is nearly gone. They sit for a moment, enjoying the summer weather. MARIA: You know, you know, there are only three things that are constant in my life. RAY: And what are those three things? MARIA: Death, taxes, and stealing from Target. They laugh. RAY: Every time? MARIA: I have to steal enough to be worth more than what I would have to pay to bail myself out of jail if I got caught. So yeah, a little bit every time. RAY: I guess I can excuse it if you’re stealing say, toothpaste. MARIA: I am. RAY: Now, people who steal stuff they don’t need just for the thrill of stealing, that’s messed up. MARIA: Shoplifting can be an addiction just like anything else. RAY: Oh, so now there’s nothing that’s wrong in the world? END

Kiely Sugayan

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