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Written by Jafei Pollitt







An old man sits at a bench in the park with a loaf of bread. He is tearing it and feeding it to the pigeons below him.


Share now, everybody. There’s plenty to go around.

The bird's peck while SQUIRREL sits in a tree looking down.



The squirrel looks on as the old man senses he is being watched. He peers up and makes eye contact with SQUIRREL.

SQUIRREL quickly retreats behind a branch.


Okay, old man - you want to play it like that?

SQUIRREL slowly descends the tree. The MAN goes back to feeding his pigeons.

SQUIRREL peeks around the trunk. He rolls behind a trashcan and rainbow jumps across the grass until he is hidden behind the back leg of the bench that MAN is sitting on.

MAN hums and feeds his pigeons. SQUIRREL slowly climbs up the back of the bench. He perches on the handrail ready to attack.

MAN remains oblivious.

SQUIRREL kicks into high gear and lunges towards the loaf of bread. MAN quickly ceases SQUIRREL by the torso.





Thought I wouldn’t notice, huh?

SQUIRREL wriggles and bites at the old man.


Do your worst - I’ll give the rabies to YOU.

SQUIRREL stops moving. He looks at the loaf of bread. He looks at MAN with baby eyes.



MAN takes SQUIRREL by the tail and begins whipping him around like a helicopter. SQUIRREL yells.


See you in hell, Squirrel.

MAN releases SQUIRREL into the park where he goes flying.

SQUIRREL lands hard on the grass. He gets up slowly.

A pigeon comes next to him with a little piece of bread.


Sorry, man. That guy just really hates you.


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