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Written by Jafei Pollitt





A single, cardboard box sits in the middle of a vast, flowered field alone. The sun is a peach pink and the sky overcast just the right amount.

Little birds perch on top of the box, then fly away. A plane flies overhead. A baby deer slowly approaches it, sniffs it, and moves along. Squirrels nibble at the corner and the wind tries knocking it over like a game.

A bear grumbles along towards the box. It sniffs, paws, and then pushes the box over.

Out falls a little girl in a sunset orange dress with pink flowers on the shoulders.

FLOWER tumbles out in a complete ball. She doesn’t move out of formation as she comes to a stop amongst the grass.

The bear stays still, then sits patiently.

A little finch lands on the top of her head. It pecks at her hair and pulls it up. FLOWER follows like a puppet.

Her eyes are closed as the bird drifts her up like a loose feather. She stands. She squeezes her eyes shut and then slowly opens them. They are dark brown.

FLOWER lets out a yawn and stretches to the ends of the earth. She looks down at her little toes and her dress.

The little finch flies off. FLOWER sees the bear waiting.


Merci, tu peux y aller

The bear mumbles back onto all fours and strides away.

FLOWER goes to her box, turns it upside down, and shakes vigorously. Out fall a few seeds.

She places the box upright again and collects the seeds like a kid searching for easter eggs.

She stands and looks around the vast field, imagining the best home for her seeds.

FLOWER ventures out a bit and begins planting. She puts each seed about 10 feet from each other. She kisses each one before digging a little hole and plopping it into the earth.

The sun turns the sky a deep orange, purple and the moon peeks from behind the field.

FLOWER goes back to her box, wiggles in, and looks at the little spots she planted her seeds.


Bonne nuit mes petites fleurs

The sun sinks into the night and FLOWER pulls the top of the cardboard box shut.


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