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THE MONOPOLY MAN - Mr.Money bags himself.


Lights up. The stage is dark, all lights except for one are off. It's a bright spotlight shining down on The Monopoly Man who is standing center stage. With his head down and bags of money in one hand, he takes a deep breath. TMM Life. It's a funny game we all play. You're born, you go to school, you get a job and then you die. Fingers begin to snap from off stage, jazz music, and fog enter. TMM One day your rich, and the next your heading straight to jail. Dancers all dressed as The Monopoly Man enter from both wings. The form a Les Mis triangle behind him. The dancers begin to whisper. DANCERS I want to be the race car, I want to be the race car, I want to be the race car. TMM ENOUGH! Beat. TMM (CONT'D) In a world full of race cars, dare to be the thimble. The dancers, slowly leave the stage, and the fog rolls out with them.

Jazz music stops abruptly. The Monopoly Man looks directly into the spotlight, as he sheds a single tear. TMM BOARDWALK! Blackout

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