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Written by Jafei Pollitt





JILL sits on a porcelain toilet amongst a black stage. She is lit by a single spotlight. Her head is cast down. Her hair waves in the wind.


In the end, it won’t matter whether there is life after death.

JILL brings her head to look into the audience.


Whether we go into darkness and never come out or rebirth into the sanctuary of heaven.

JILL shakes her head and smiles.


No, no. Because the only thing that matters is the life we have. The thing we know to exist. This tangible existence we can hold in between our fingers.

She holds her hands on her knees.


A funny thing, existence. It gives us gifts and takes them away.

She reaches behind the toilet and pulls out an empty toilet paper roll.


It’s cruel but filled with fun.

JILL’s eyes lower and her lips pull up into a Joker-like smile.

She starts to unwrap the cardboard of the empty toilet paper roll. She looks up at the audience. She pulls it behind as she begins to “wipe”.


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